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Our Clients

E-warehousing has a wide range of Clients who have different individual requirements. We work very closely with individual customers bringing our experience and expertise to streamline their order fulfilment. We assign one of our warehouse staff to work alongside our client tracking order flow and resolve any challenges. This includes managing stock, quality control, fulfilment, logistics, and meeting your customer’s individual requirements.

Examples  are a big B2B multinational with a special booking in requirement or  a small order with an incorrect address.  By having an assigned member of staff with a sound product knowledge enables us to drastically reduce anomalies and errors which enhances your reputation.

We operate within a wide range of products from toys, clothing, through speciality gifts, glassware sports, equipment and pet products.  Our team can handle any unique order requirements you might have, one example  is the need to capture data, recording product serial numbers within an fully assembled pack for a market leading security company. The Warehouse also handles warranty returns and repair with electronic repair facilities covering the European Area for an Australian Client.

We can fulfil your ticketing and labelling needs, the team is regularly carrying out ticketing for Harrods as well as relabelling, quality rework, kitting, gift wrapping. You can expand your product range offering personalisation through gift cards and engraving. The Warehouse has the capacity for large volume rework (28,000 piece sorting and re boxing within 5 days) they are currently working with a large national client for an annual one off individual kitting and delivery of 45000 units to be packed and delivered within one month.

What our clients say

Our largest client selling toys B2B and B2C carried a continual quality audit of our service. We were regularly achieving up to 99.6% accuracy. For the last 2 years the Managing Director considered it “not worth the effort as the error rate is so small”. Other customers comment on our ability to develop offer great service and adapt to changing needs and challenges for their individual businesses.  We can offer references to the quality service we provide. You can be confident in us to handle your business efficiently, accurately, and with personal care.

Speak to us today to learn how our personalised fulfilment service will improve your customers experience and add value to your business by providing proven service excellence and value added services. Get your product to your customer, quickly and right first time.

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