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There are various reasons our clients choose to use our 250,000 sqft storage facility.

Essentially the business case for outsourcing storage and warehousing revolves around the fact that it is a viable flexible and an economical alternative when compared with a company committing to the lease or purchase of additional units.

Utilising our storage facility, our clients do not need to plan for increases in the associated costs of taking on an additional unit. Costs for security, insurance, rent, staff costs, forklifts, building maintenance, business rates and legal fees are all included in the extremely cost effective storage fees.

Some clients use our facility for additional space required for component parts and materials required to fulfil orders they have won and do not have enough space at their own premises.

High street retailers and other companies selling to consumers use the warehouse to store stock ordered in in advance of seasonal trends in consumer purchasing i.e. Christmas. Stock is delivered to our warehouse where it is securely stored before being delivered to their outlets.

We work with importers from around the world and arrange for their freight to be collected from the point of entry to the UK to our storage facility.

Hauliers use the warehouse as an overflow facility. We work with many of the haulage industry leading companies by providing a service they can utilise as and when they need it.

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